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Please send an email to the Governor General, requesting resignation of the Prime Minister and forward it to friends.


Subject: My Non-Confidence in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
To: Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada


Your Excellency,

I wish to express my non-confidence in our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Please have him removed because he is a danger to the freedom of the citizens of our beloved country, Canada.

Respectfully yours,
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19 thoughts on “Email to the Governor General of Canada

  1. We are now under a very dangerous and tyrannical measure enacted by Trudeau and backed by the Liberal and NDP parties.

    Shame on them for stooping so low. All the problems are on Trudeau and his inability to listen to the Canadian people and the concerns about the mandates/restrictions. He is a narcissistic petulant child throwing sand over everyone by his poisonous rhetoric. A good leader by Aristotle’s definition is one who knows how to follow which evidently Trudeau doesn’t know how to do. He doesn’t even know how to apologize for the ugliness he spews out.
    We are in deep trouble in this country, which was free, but not is not. This holds all the marks of fascism.

    1. To the Governor General,
      Effective immediately, I ask parliament to remove Prime Minister Trudeau and any of his family member holding office within the federal government or federal employees.
      I am no longer confident our current Prime Minister is working in the best interest of his constituents, Canada and all Canadians.
      The policies invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government go against our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and our Canadian Bill of Rights. The very freedoms and rights he and his government are responsible to uphold.
      Mr Justin Trudeau’s hate filled speeches have disenfranchised millions of Canadians and must be charged as a hate crime as per section 318, and 319. He is not my leader and made me and my family feel a great divide, unsafe, and threatened in our own country,

  2. Your Excellency,

    I wish to express my non-confidence in our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Please have him removed because he is a danger to the freedom of the citizens of our beloved country, Canada.

  3. In Canada, Section 83.01 of the Criminal Code (1) defines terrorism as an act committed “in whole or in part for a political, religious or ideological purpose, objective or cause’ with the intention of intimidating the public” ………. Activities recognized as criminal within this context include death and bodily harm with the use of violence; endangering a person’s life; risks posed to the health and safety of the public; significant property damage. 6/p3.
    For the last 2 years governments have imposed lockdowns, mask mandates, school & business closures, vaccines, mandates, vaccine passports, no jab no job, restriction of activities if people don’t get the jab, the shots pose a risk to our health, and fear propaganda by politicians and media, brain-washing, stripping us of our rights to travel, visit, shop, use social media (censorship), freezing funds meant for the truckers. Covid concentration camps. Terrorism by governments for the last 2 years and enforcement by businesses, police, government agents.
    The pipeline protest was allowed to run on for months in 2019…destroying property, blocking railways, roads & ports, interfering with movement of supplies and people to the provinces. That was terrorism by hereditary chiefs & environmentalists.
    Now we have a PEACEFUL PROTEST. The truckers have had possessions stolen, been harassed, the RCMP vandalized equipment sitting in a field at the Coutts protest (they were caught doing it), then the police raided a house in a nearby town and found guns, and blamed the protesters. Truckers have been arrested. Whose guns were they? Did those guns get placed by the RCMP? Are they surprised that people living in a rural area have guns? Many can we trust the RCMP? We have had a criminal in charge of the government for 6 years now and not one charge laid…there should have been!
    Now the liberals & Ndp have decided they are afraid of the truckers’ peaceful protest and they want to squash it. Trudeau says its just too much to have the protest in place for 19 days…..Canadians have endured 2 years, and 4 years before that, of Trudeau with his hatred of ordinary, peaceful Canadians!
    The liberals/Ndp are bringing in an LRAD machine which will generate a sonic boom and blow ears out and scramble internal organs. Probably break windows in the area as well . THAT IS TERRORISM!!! DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!! THAT IS AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST CITIZENS.
    The liberals, the NDP and every MP and Senator that allows Trudeau to continue is responsible for criminal acts against the citizens of Canada.
    You were sent to Ottawa to stand up for the rights of the people…not to support an out-of-control leader. Do what is right.
    Trudeau must be ousted…he is a terrorist. He is not a Prime Minister!
    He must be removed!

    1. How sad to watch our country being destroyed by people who were elected to work for the people. Trudeau should be removed immediately as he has caused distrust and terrible harm to our country. It’s people and especially the kids. Thx for your work to gain our freedoms back.

    2. Thank You Jane for writing this letter. I certainly agree with you on every count you have mentioned.. There is more behind Mr. Trudeau’s method of stalling concerning to removing the Vaccine mandates. It has also come to my attention that the MRNA Vaccine patents were developed in Canada and every jab enriches the pockets of our PM and his cronies. This is a whole organization of people profiting on the forceful mandates to vaccinate Canadians. They have no regard for the health of the people and the danger this Vaccine imposes on many. This is criminality at its highest leval and our PM need to be held accountable for his crime.

  4. Your Excellency,

    I wish to express my non-confidence in our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Please have him removed because he is a danger to the freedom of the citizens of our beloved country, Canada.

    Respectfully yours,

  5. His father was mild compared to the lack of understanding and inept leadership of Justin Trudeau. He does not have practical life skills in day to day practices. He has the mistaken idea his privileged life makes him a *Demi God*…but my God knows all things and is saddened with this present *lack of leadership.*

  6. We need Justice and what’s right for the peoples and Future Generations of Canadians (Constitutional Freedoms and Rights to be upheld) not rules and laws of control, injustice and power…

  7. I wish to express my non-confidence in our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and Deputy Prime Minister. Please have them removed because they are a danger to the freedom of the citizens of our beloved country, Canada

  8. Hi Canadian citizen,

    I clearly know that you are an elected Canadian citizen whom made your vows to serve all Canadians and the country with all your heart and mind. Now it’s the right time for you to write one more honorable line in your resume – you have practiced your promise and you are trustworthy!

    Please do your best on your part to stop Trudeau&party’s unlawful emergency act and support the truckers who are actually protesting for you and your success generations and your beloved ones. Show your concerns and your emphatic side, because we are actually ONE. Trudeau&party is on his way to destroy this lovely country by selling her to HIS boss.

    We should have been together, and we are together! Agree?

    God is watching me and you.
    Citizen of Canada 🇨🇦

  9. I am ashamed of our representation from our prime minister and deputy prime minister, totally appalled and embarrassed. I have no faith in their ability to represent the people of Canada, and voice non-confidence in their abilities. They should be removed arrested and charged with harm to the people of Canada. I am a 70 yr old retiree and veteran and have not seen this ever before, crimes committed by our govmt. against the people citizens of Canada

  10. Dear Your Excellency,

    I am writing you for the following reason:”I vote NON-CONFIDENCE in Prime Minister Trudeau. Please have him removed from office immediately and replaced. Please stop the Emergencies Act from being invoked.”

    Thank You.
    Gerald Jean

  11. I do not know much about politics or law. The only thing I know is that something is horribly wrong in our once so peaceful nation.
    Please remove prime minister Trudeau from office. The way things are going, we could end up in a civil war. How is it that we let it come this far???

  12. Your Excellency
    I wish to express my non confidence in both the Prime Minister & the Deputy Prime
    Minister . They should both be removed as they are danger to Canada. They should not be allowed to continue in their present positions as they will be able to cause even more harm to our democracy than they have both inflicted on the Canadian people already . The police & fencing should also be removed immediately .I am appalled !
    & embarrassed by their behaviour ! We look more like Russia than Canada .
    Thank You

  13. you have very little knowledge of Russia. You sound ignorant to facts about Russia. Go there before commenting. Russia had no forced vaccine and did not arrest protesters as was done in Ottawa. you are to much into propaganda.

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