My current take on the state of the world and Covid-19

Here is my current take on the state of the world and Covid-19. This is just a brief note.

I expect that I will be wrong in some things, but this is where my many hundreds of hours of investigation have led me. I can support all of my views with various lines of evidence, although I have not done so here. Such support would be voluminous, and I suspect very few would have the patience or the interest to wade through it. I do not wish to vastly increase my workload by re-finding the best evidence that I have encountered, so thus this document is incomplete. So shame on me for being lazy. Perhaps at some future time I will be inclined to do so. As it is, you can only take my words as an indication that there may be various avenues for investigation.

As usual, evidence is likely to be incomplete, biased, confounded, contradictory, erroneous, and our interpretations likely to be flawed, for various reasons. Despite that, we do our best.  We don’t have a formal process for evaluating such things, but we try to reason with abduction, reasoning from the best evidence, using the ideas put forth by Charles Sanders Peirce. See:


I know a few who have not taken the experimental mRNA or DNA gene transfer therapy injections against Covid-19. They are generally bright and very well informed, and have looked at the science. Others I know have taken the shots just so they could participate in society. This latter point is of course is part of a sometimes self-admitted government plan, and amounts to illegal coercion.

Others have swallowed the propaganda without much reflection, and have taken the shots, even those who in the past were aware that governments tell massive lies on a routine basis. Of course, some folks have never achieved that level of legitimate distrust about government and media disinformation.  This may be apropos:

One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back. — Carl Sagan

Taking the shots may only put people on a booster shot treadmill, and they may have longer term health risks waiting to bite them in the nether regions. I hope not, but there are many unknowns, with possible threats. This is Risk Management 101, which seems not to be well understood in many quarters.

There are anti-mRNA/DNA shot resistance movements in many countries, and these appear to be growing. Of course, there are many medical professionals, doctors and nurses, on the front lines of the resistance. Why, what is wrong with them! Don’t these uniformed and under-educated idiots trust the science?

Regulatory capture does not begin to explain what is going on with the push for vaccination, and the old and new media moving in lock-step with the politicians. Theories abound, and I am not wedded to any, although I have my suspicions. We do know that some pharmaceutical companies are making vast amounts of money. There is evidence that at least one Aussie politician was  making money on the side as well. Of course we can not know the extent of this, but again, I do harbour suspicions.

Dr. Robert Malone, scientist and medical doctor, and the one (according to my reading of the situation) with the best evidence of being the inventor of mRNA technology, cautions strongly about injecting all but those in the highest risk categories. He is a developer of vaccines, and has excellent medical and scientific credentials. Others, equally well credentialed, advise against it more forcefully, and give their supporting evidence. Some are quite apocalyptic in their predictions of adverse outcomes. This would include the Nobel Prize winning discoverer of the HIV virus, Luc Montagnier. Of course, I hope that these folks are wrong. Still, the number of adverse events, including deaths, is off-the-charts for these gene therapies, compared to all other vaccines over the years. This can be easily verified, if you go to the actual data, as opposed to the propaganda. The greater problem is, the risk of continuing adverse events over the years is unknown. These shots may be an unfortunate gift that keeps on giving.

Having taken a Tentanus booster shot a few months back, you can not really call me an anti-vaxer. I am only interested in safe, effective, and necessary true vaccines. I think that the mRNA/DNA injections fail on all counts. I may take the Novavax vaccine, apparently an actual vaccine, if it is approved, but will have to research it more thoroughly.

I don’t believe that the mRNA or DNA transfer technology that is spuriously called a vaccine is for me. I will not take it, despite the cynical and almost certainly illegal government moves which are, according to various highly credentialed legal scholars in numerous countries, against various constitutions, charters of rights and the Nuremberg code. Various court cases are proceeding in numerous jurisdictions, but they will typically take a long time to come to resolution. There is a lot of time, effort, money and expertise required to win.

The disease Covid-19 is not generally as bad as the propaganda would have it, according to a great deal of data. It can be very bad for some, particularly old people with co-morbidities, mostly nearing the end of life.  Old, overly fat, metabolic problems (which spawn a large number of other problems), generally unhealthy, all put one in a much higher risk category. Sure, others can have poor outcomes as well, but the numbers are highly, highly biased towards the former.

There are charts showing illness and deaths versus age and other factors, based on data. People, according to various surveys, seem to think that the death rate is many tens of times greater than it actually is. Chalk this up as a victory to the media with its scare-mongering. The best numbers seem to come from studies on all-cause mortality, since they are less likely to be cooked. Deaths are about the same as those from a bad influenza season. With regard to deaths, there is a great deal of evidence that the books have been cooked. I believe this to be the case, based on numerous lines of evidence. For instance, see this: Ryan. (2021, October 11). The UK’s National “Crisis”: Age-Adjusted Mortality Is at 2008 Levels [Text]. Mises Institute.

There is also some evidence from the UK that deaths were hastened for old people. I have neither accepted nor rejected these claims, but I know parts of the state, in all countries, are fundamentally evil, and these groups can get people do their dirty work in a number of ways. We just have to look at the history of the world to see this again and again. You don’t have to go to Nazi Germany either; there are more current examples. Need I go on?

The test generally used, the PCR test (e.g. up the nose with a swab), is not fit for purpose for diagnosis. Even the CDC in the U.S. has admitted that, and says the PCR test can not distinguish CoV2 from influenza virus. PCR is being phased out, in the U.S., come December 2021 as I remember it. Kerry Mullis, the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR technique, is on record as saying it should never be used for diagnosis. Several court cases have been won in Europe on the basis of the inadequacy of the test. There has been an official slight of hand whereby in a lot of places, a positive PCR test has been conflated with a ‘case.’ This is absolutely bogus, but has resulted in the great inflation of the case numbers. Some estimates by highly credentialed people are that the PCR test run at 40 cycles of amplification will give maybe 97% false positives.

I wrote and published two pieces on the accepted mathematics of testing, showing that false positives are inevitable, the percentage depending on the test, how it is conducted, and the underlying baseline of infection in the population. This is the case for a test of any degree of accuracy The PCR test run at a high number of cycles can pick up small fragments of dead virus and falsely call them positive. Even the infamous fraud Dr. Anthony Fauci is on record for saying that.

Lockdowns are probably not particularly effective in the prevention of viral illnesses, for a variety of reasons. For one review of the evidence, see:

Douglas W. Allen, Department of Economics, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada writing in the International Journal of the Economics of Business. Allen, D. W. (2021). Covid-19 Lockdown Cost/Benefits: A Critical Assessment of the Literature. International Journal of the Economics of Business, 0(0), 1–32.

There are many useful treatments, with evidence for effectiveness from published studies. These have been subject to regulatory interdiction, and doctors promoting and using them have been subject to media hit pieces, along with attacks from their own colleges. This has happened in many countries. Doctors and medical scientists with stellar credentials, outstanding records, have been vilified, in a very coordinated fashion. Doctors have lost their jobs and certification. Why?

Perhaps it has an awful lot to do with political, regulatory, institutional and media capture. Also, in at least some countries, the shots are being used under emergency authorization, since the clinical trials have not been completed. In the U.S. at least, if there are treatments, then emergency authorization is not given according to legislation and regulation. Hence, if other treatments are shown to be effective, the shots will not be authorized for emergency use. This may well be why there are drumbeats against alternative treatments and against those promoting them. Follow the money please.

The level of coordination is astounding, the level of propaganda unprecedented, compared to past thought-control efforts. Also, the propaganda techniques just keep get better and better.


None of this means I want to catch Covid19, since nothing is certain with regards to a person’s resilience.  Also, the higher the initial viral load, the worse the outcome may be. For some, the disease is very bad. Here are ways in which a person might increase their protection.

  1. A number of nutraceuticals vastly improve your chances of having at worst a mild infection.  Check out the MATH Plus protocol for instance.
  2. There is a view out there, which may be correct, that flu-season is really the low vitamin D season. Even in the summer, only the beach bums and outdoor labourers get a lot of sunshine vitamin, and in winter, the sun is too feeble to do much of a job. Hence, the supplements.
  3. Improve your personal terrain with measures to increase health and immunity – nutrition, sleep, stress reduction, fitness, weight, and probably other things.
  4. Reduce the viral load by staying away from enclosed spaces with little air circulation, and minimize the time spent in such places.
  5. I used to say wear a mask, wrote and published a couple of articles on this theme, but now, looking at real world data and published studies, the evidence says to me that mask wearing does not seem to actually give much if any protection, and in some cases can cause harm.
  6. Ditto for 6 feet distance, given the way the virus aerosolizes and lingers in the air. Good air circulation is of paramount importance in reducing aerosolized virus I think.
  7. Being out in the sun and wind is good.
  8. Also, there is not much reason to think that people who are not showing symptoms are doing much to spread it. There have been published studies on this for quite a few months – very large studies in at least one case.

All conclusions that I have reached are ultimately derived from evidence: data and studies. This evidence could be wrong, and my interpretations could be wrong. That is just the way things work.