Commentary on “Be Smart Wear A Mask”

From a YouTube video, “Be Smart Wear a Mask”,  by Chris Martenson at

Most people who follow Chris are aware that he has consistently promoted the wearing of masks to reduce your viral load. This is not new. Here he references some studies which he feels support his point, that is, he provides evidence, and discusses the implications. All of a sudden, we have the invasion of the anti-maskers. It is pretty obvious that at the very least many of these ignored the central point of viral load reduction and disease severity. Chris is not making any of this up. Science is never settled – studies provide evidence. Numbers are nice to have to give more information. Studies may or may not be well done. There are always, always, confounding factors. Studies must be interpreted; the implications made clear. On the issue of masks, there are many studies. Some supporting masks, some not providing as much support. Some provide a meta-analysis. Given that, Chris makes his interpretations of the evidence, and gives his analysis. He may be correct, or not. However, all of a sudden we have this influx of people commenting who act as if they are unaware that Chris has been pretty consistent on this for many month. Where did they come from? These people threatening to unsubscribe – were they ever following him, or is that an invention? It almost seems like a coordinated attack. What was the origin of this? I have examined more studies than most. The evidence can be cherry picked to support various positions, and often is dishonestly or incompetently interpreted. See here: and here

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