Bibliography of Articles on Mask Wearing

A bibliography of articles – studies and opinion, on the wearing of masks for reducing infection spread and severity.

I consider it prudent to wear a mask when in close contact with people not in your personal “bubble.” I do not feel it makes sense to wear one when outside in the fresh air while maintaining a couple of meters of distance from those who are not in my “bubble.” This is risk management 101. I also think that claims of harm, physical and psychological from the wearing of masks are overblown to the point of absurdity. The other issue, that of social control, seems possibly overblown as well, although I am aghast at some of the draconian steps taken by authorities is some places. There are also a number of ill-informed interpretations of the research literature.

I am by most indicators some sort of socialist libertarian, so yes, a libertarian. I still am not sold on the idea of masks being some part of a plot to control us. I believe that a lot of conspiracist views are well founded, since there are clearly many deep state conspiracies. I am not so sure about this one.

See for instance: and


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