I want to share some ideas I have about misinformation. Here are my contentions:

  1. If we have two assertions that are mutually contradictory, they cannot both be correct. This is the law of non-contradiction. It does not follow that either are correct. If we have any number of mutually contradictory assertions, at most one of these can be correct. There is no guarantee that any are correct.
  2. On any reasonably complex topic, there is more often than not controversy, with mutually contradictory assertions proliferating. You can see this on almost any site or publication where opinions may be tendered. It is clear from logic that the general rule applies; most of these assertions are going to be wrong. We might get lucky and have some set of views that is right, but in truth, only the omniscient one knows.
  3. A lot of people can tell a good story – seemingly buttressed by evidence, coherent, convincingly told
  4. A lot of people can also tell an equally good story which contradicts many of the assertions of the first one
  5. I think that the implication of this is that most of what we assert, what we believe, what we opine is on pretty shaky ground.
  6. But, I could be wrong about this.;-)

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