Hold your beliefs lightly

I have no truck with faith; it is just another term for un-reasoned belief IMHO.

But consciousness is the deepest of the deep problems in philosophy and science. We may never understand it, although there are some who claim to have done so.

You should be familiar by now with my thoughts on belief, and the problem of actually having true belief (sometimes defined as knowledge) about anything that is not concrete, directly observable, immediate, easily repeatable, and within the capabilities of our limited senses and intellect to understand.  Even then, we are often wrong.

Curiously, there is also coincident truth, which is belief that is correct, but the grounds for holding that belief are pretty shaky. This probably happens a lot more than we realize. However, since we have no universally applicable way of establishing truth in complex matters, we are not much farther ahead either way. Logic is OK, but limited. Ditto for its child mathematics. Science is OK, but flawed. Common sense is OK, but only handles the simple cases. Religion? What can I say? Mysticism, occult knowledge? Ditto.

Seven billion plus folks, 7 billion plus personalized systems of belief. They can not all be correct in whole. Maybe some are correct in part, on the simpler things at least. Maybe this is epistemological nihilism as opposed to skepticism.

I have written hundreds of pages of hand-scrawled notes on belief and knowledge, and read some, with not very much progress – a daunting topic, one not for the faint of heart.

Hold your beliefs lightly, they are likely to be wrong, at least in part. I have to remind myself of that frequently. Of course, this statement itself being a statement of belief, we get into a Gödel-like paradox.

An obsession with security

It has seemed to me that the right is particularly obsessed with markets and finance. I do know a few middle of the road and leftys who are concerned with markets, but looking at the Internet, the majority of the plethora of sites dealing with markets are right wing – libertarian, alt-right, and paleo-conservative. Trying to determine if my perception was true via Internet search was fruitless for finding information on this topic. I do look at a lot of right wing sites, and my essential thesis seems to hold.

Suppressing alternative views

Twitter – seemingly another part of the state propaganda apparatus. It is possible that there is a direct connection, with the CIA or other deep state assets involved in suppressing alternative voices. There is ample evidence that this is true of Wikipedia, and many, many disturbing things are known about Facebook, YouTube, and various social media sites. Many biased voices on the right complain that the censorship is only of the right. The truth is, the censorship is of alternative voices of any persuasion. Censorship is far from complete at the moment, but the trend is extremely worrying.

A lateral thinker


I bought the book a few months ago. He presents a strong case that the archaeology in the Americas is quite inadequate. Some of his ideas on what really happened are little more than speculation – his attempt to make sense of disparate and sometimes anomalous information. I think he is willing to concede that. The structures that are coming to light in the rain forest should have mainstream archaeologists spinning. Hancock discusses them at length, putting his Hancockian take on them. I quite like him, without thinking that he has great answers either.

Fool me once …

Of course, a lot of us distrust the media for excellent reasons. They are the propaganda organs of the state, as much as anything. You have to be very unaware to trust them.

Smug debunkers

Generally I find people who like to debunk things are way too smug and self-satisfied in the value of their own analysis. Honest analysis seems to contain a lot of “one the one hand, on the other hand” thinking, and a healthy dose of humility about the limits of the capabilities of one’s own noggin.

Astonishing megalithic construction

There are so many mysteries about megalithic construction, very ancient technologies for construction and for sophisticated artifact making in general. I have seen no explanations that make any sense. Mainstream archaeological explanations seem ludicrous to me. They can’t be serious! People like Graham Hancock and Brien Foerster point out many issues, but their explanations involve a lot of hand-waving as well. I like their open-mindedness however.

On religious beliefs

On religious beliefs: A lot of people believe a lot of things that I find highly unlikely. In fact, the majority of the world’s people believe many things that I consider unlikely. I don’t consider one person’s views to be any better or worse than any others. Again, unlikely, like almost all of the theology that I grew up hearing.

There are so many contradictory views. Clearly they can’t all be right, certainly not in whole. Perhaps none are correct, in whole. Possibly none are correct, even in part.

A technical term

The people in power at the high level are for the most part, corrupt assholes (a technical term). I suppose if you look hard enough, you might find one who is mostly a decent human being. They are subservient to those who actually hold the purse strings – never the people, and not the elected representatives (joke phrase).