Metaphors, metaphors, metaphors!

“Metaphors, metaphors, metaphors! The debate is fascinating and yet again confirms the groundbreaking work of Lakoff and Johnson in 1979 that showed us how so many commonly used words ‘contain’, ‘encapsulate’, ‘embody’, ‘incorporate’ metaphors!

Communication is not possible without metaphors, it is ‘soaked’, ‘marinaded’ and ‘shot through’ with them. Even the most ‘objective’ language (a metaphor depending on the contrast with a supposedly ‘biased’ ‘non-objective’ ‘subject’ who is ‘subjective’) depends on metaphors.

We could ‘frame’ this as a problem and yet we do science, ‘progress’ our understanding of ‘the’ world and continue to communicate with each other, all part of the fun of being conscious and alive.”John Rogers, 19 May 2016, from the comments on

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