Owned by oligarchs

There is not a dimes worth of difference between left and right parties. They are all owned by oligarchs, and support the empire. It may well be that ultimate rule is really a transnational enterprise anyway, and the aspects that we see little more than theatre. Shades of the money power! That is not to say that there are not factions, coalitions, rivalries, conflicts, what have you … , among the super rich.

The extremely rich get almost no press at all, so people think that someone like a president is a high level member of the ruling clique. I suspect that such a person is just a servant of his superiors. Even if the leader had good intentions, that individual’s hands would be severely tied in realizing any of them.

As I have said, there are 7 billion people, with one percent being psychopaths, with half of all people being below the average for conscience and empathy. This makes for a lot of people capable of being evil. That is what we have to contend with.

All that stuff we learned in civics lessons? Just nonsense for the masses. It ain’t the way that things really work.

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