Clarity or murk?

There are some things we can be highly clear about, other things that will forever remain murky. Obviously, the stuff that we need to understand to survive, all of the day to day stuff, the mostly concrete phenomena, are quite knowable, within the limits of our perception and intellect. It is when we get to more abstract realms, more complex areas, that we run into trouble, and have to put together complex puzzles with all sorts of pieces misunderstood and more often than not more pieces are missing than are present. So, we rely on experts, who are often little more than witch doctors, although they can often times tell marvellous stories. See

I used to look at epistemology, the study of knowledge. I think it may have been more fruitful to look at the determinants of belief.

Some sciences, some disciplines, are more grounded than others. For a grounded discipline, look at materials science. For less certain ones, there are many candidates. Psychology and bio-medical science don’t seem to fare that well for instance. Don’t let me get started on history, that tale told by the victors.

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