Conspiracy factist

One of the things to consider, in many inexplicable crisis situations, is that there may be deep state actors fomenting trouble. Of course, given the nature of the infiltration, it may take a long time to really establish the truth. Typically, we can only go on probabilities and circumstantial evidence..

Once you accept that deep state actors, and rich and powerful people in general, with messianic or psychopathic traits, do some very nasty things, you start to realize that those who do not look for conspiracies are the deluded ones.

Not all conspiracies theories are correct, but this is perhaps just a general statement about what we can know on any complex topic, and is hardly special with regard to conspiracies.

There is no shortage of useful idiots to follow along with a mad plan in any case.

Hey, there are still those out there maintaining the lone gunman theory about the JFK assassination, even though a senate committee, 10 years later, deemed it to be done as part of a broader conspiracy. Of course, that was another exercise in obfuscation I imagine.

Complex different than complicated?

Apparently some people believe that “complex” and “complicated” have different meanings. Many years ago a friend of mine mentioned in passing that there was a difference. However, dictionaries do not make such a distinction. Apparently my friend and some academics do.

I am not sure just when this started, but I found somewhere a reference from the 1940s. However, searching for the difference, it seems that there is little agreement, some giving “complicated” the burden of meaning that others reserve for “complex,” and vice versa. What a mess!

There is a discipline called “complexity theory,” which seems to be coming from the mathematicians and the computer scientists, although it has been creeping into business literature and economics.

A distinction between the two words was discussed in a report in July of 2002 on the healthcare system in Canada. See

The idea of complexity could of course be quite bastardized once taken away from the domain of mathematics.

Who told the academics that they could once again usurp the the meaning of common words. Of course, they do this all of the time, don’t they? 😉