Whereas at one time I would have dismissed everything some people with different political views out of hand, I now figure that some of what they say may not be as remotely crazy as I used to think. Right-winger or left-winger or some other dimension is irrelevant. There are values, which may differ, and facts, which are subject to interpretation, but can sometimes be evaluated for truth.

Anyone presenting information conflicting with your view of the world is going to be regarded as unsound in their thinking (bonkers is the technical term). That says as much about your view of the world as it does about the soundness of the other persons view.

A lot of people think those of us who believe that the World Trade Centre was brought down by explosives, that governments routinely run false flag operation against their own citizens and other such things are considered to be outside the realm of rationale discourse by the more conventionally-minded.

I am pretty slow to label someone a moon-bat just because they have reached unorthodox conclusions. Often enough, such conclusions prove to be right. Most non-trivial new knowledge seems to come from unorthodox thinking.

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