Quadrupedal oat burner

I used to think electric vehicles were great. Maybe.

I would really like to see analysis where prior political views don’t sway the conclusions. I don’t know which is worse, fossil fuel or electric but both technologies need honest cradle to grave cost accounting, and I seldom see that.

Oil, gas, fracking, tar sand mining mining, bitumen transportation, pipelines, refining, etc. are all pretty bad of course.

Mining lithium, disposing of batteries, transporting materials, etc. is scarcely friendly either. 

Analysis is typically biased and incomplete, regardless of the position taken. Neither green or anti-green seem to engage in honest dialogue.

The basic physics of electricity says that 50% of the electrical power is consumed in transmission and generation, and that figure can not be changed. It is just a consequence of Ohm’s law, as I understand it. That may or may not be important. Electricity is still generated using technologies with environmental costs, whether gas, hydro, coal, oil, nuclear, solar voltaic, or other.

My neighbour has quite a few square feet of photocells in his yard – unsightly, but they allow him to sell power back to BC Hydro. I had great hopes for solar voltaic, but it too has its problems.

IN BC, many of us are are fighting with Alberta and the Trudeau Feds over pipelining of “Dilbit” to the coast.

I don’t see a good solution.

I wonder how a quadrupedal  oat burner would work? One in every garage.

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