Dissenting Voices
I read a lot of opinions coming from good intentioned smart people,  reasonably well-informed and able to see past the superficial . Although I respect the judgement of many such writers   it does not mean I whole-heartedly accept their views as correct. They almost certainly will never be entirely correct.  As I like to say: numerous religions, countless sects, and each person espousing a unique variant. They cannot all be correct. It does not follow that any are correct, in part or in whole. Substitute “beliefs about the world” for “religions.” Some days I lean towards Pastafarian, other days I embrace the Great Pumpkin. I try not to believe everything I think in any case, with mixed success and failure.

On the other hand, I tend to lean towards the idea of routine state sponsorship of terror, in this and many many other cases. Some are well-proven to me, even through the official government record, such as the Bologna train-station bombing – a NATO/CIA operation Gladio false flag. ISIS and similar are clearly funded and supported by the U.S. and Israel, and the evidence is overwhelming to an unbiased observer. This has been obliquely admitted by some senior U.S. figures.

The reality is, the spy novels, convoluted as they may be, can’t begin to reflect the byzantine nature of deep politics and state crimes against democracy (SCADS). The picture of the Masons, the Illuminati, the banking cartel, etc  running the show are a bit cartoonish, but are far closer to reality than the views espoused by the media – left, right or centre.

One of the failings of the left is their inability to see how deep politics, long-lasting, multi-generational, organized conspiracy, is the true nature of the world. I think Chomsky, for whatever reason, has given the North American left this blind spot. Michael Parenti is much sounder on this stuff, but he does not have the clout of Chomsky.

Canadian Left
Peter Dale Scott  is good, but I find him too cautious. Michel Chossudovsky has a lot of insight into such affairs also. Graeme MacQueen is worth reading as well. John McMurtry has also done some good work. My friend Barrie Zwicker has done a lot of work on false flag attacks and deep politics. Anthony J. Hall is also noted for his critiques. These are left-wing analysts all, given far too little respect by the left.

The Rest
There are many interesting analysts, in centrist, conservative and right-wing libertarian camps. There are so many, but if you look at OpEdNews, Information Clearing House, RINF, and Global Research for instance, you will eventually encounter most of them. Webster Griffin Tarpley,  is good, but comes with some baggage as well.  I read What Really Happened, but I have a strong stomach. I stay away from David Icke. He has pages of great analysis, then goes off into never-never land with very unlikely theories about alien reptilian blood lines. It is almost as if he has been hired to poison the well.  Could be that he is sincere; he is almost certainly mistaken in my view.

Ruthless Men Routinely Achieve Power
So, Putin may well have had a role to play in the apartment bombing in Russia, as someone I know has suggested.  That is the way the game is played by those who obtain power – many of these folks being well-advanced in the direction of outright psychopathy.

The body count associated with the Clintons is astonishing.

All of the Bush family are ruthless.

And so on.

I still can’t figure out Jimmy Carter – responsible for much evil during his presidency, now acting like a good guy. JFK is equally complex – responsible for much that was reprehensible, and clearly almost as much of a sex-addict as Clinton, but decided the CIA was fomenting wars and moved to stop them. Probably one of the key reasons he was bumped off. He also pissed off Israel on their ambition to be an atomic weapons power. Undoubtedly he made many enemies in the deep state.

And back to ISIS: the Neocons, the Zionists, with the Project for a New American Century, are responsible for more evil and tragedy in the world than any other group, and both sides of the Janus-faced U.S. war party enable them. The destabilization of Syria is just one of their nasty little projects. Their stated goal a few years back was to invade seven countries in five years – they are not completely there yet, but Syria is their current target. People think that Iraq was a failure – not really – the Neocons achieved the fragmentation of that country, which was undoubtedly a key goal. Ditto for Libya and Afghanistan. The opium production is going well in the latter, and the CIA love that opium trade. They have been thwarted so far on Iran. Reference: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..” Video Interview with General Wesley Clark

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